Boris Johnson faces questions on Iran, Brexit, Big Ben and the Royal family

Boris Johnson has reiterated his calls for Donald Trump to strike a new deal with Iran, arguing that the priority for both Washington and London is to “stop the Iranians getting hold of a nuclear weapon”. 

In an apparent acknowledgement that the current nuclear agreement with Tehran has failed, the Prime Minister said that as a “great deal maker” he hoped the US President would work with him to strike the “Trump deal”. 

On the shooting down of the Ukrainian passenger plane, Mr Johnson said it was clear that Iran was “guilty of an appalling error” but acknowledged that it appeared to have been a “terrible mistake” – read more on Johnson’s comments on deescalating tension between Iran and the US:

Asked about the controversy generated by the decision of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to step back from royal duties, Mr Johnson said he continued to believe that the Royal Family was a “fantastic asset to our country”. 

Declining to comment on the particulars, he added that he was “absolutely confident” that the Queen would resolve the crisis but insisted politicians should refrain from giving a “running commentary”. 

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