Boris Johnson joins nation in final ‘Clap for Carers’ to mark NHS 72nd anniversary | Watch in full

The Prime Minister stepped out of Number 10 to join the nation in a final “Clap for Carers” marking the 72nd anniversary of the NHS.

The nationwide clap follows the success of the weekly clap during the coronavirus outbreak and it is hoped that the applause, which took place at 5pm today, will become an annual tradition – read more here:

The NHS was founded on July 5, 1948 by Aneurin Bevan, who was health minister in the Labour government at the time. He said the taxpayer-funded service should be free at the point of delivery, with treatment based on clinical needs and not a person’s ability to pay.

“This year, we’ve seen not only the greatest challenge the NHS has ever faced, but also an unprecedented outpouring of affection and support for that institution,” Boris Johnson said in a video tribute ahead of the event.

Mr Johnson has previously said that there is “no question” the NHS saved his life after he was admitted to intensive care with severe Covid-19 symptoms.

The PM is one of a number of high profile figures, include Prince Charles, who publically shared their gratitude for the hard work of NHS workers today.

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