Covid-19: Self-employed to have 80% of average earnings paid for by the government | ITV News

Self-employed workers will have 80% their average earnings paid for by the government as it aims to support workers through the coronavirus crisis.

The new package means self-employed people will now be supported in a similar way to workers who are having their wages paid for by the government for 80% of their salary, or up to £2,500 a month.

The government had been under increasing pressure to extend financial protection to the self-employed sector after it was seemingly left out of a package of support provided to most other workers.

The chancellor says 95% of all self-employed workers will be covered by the scheme, which is expected to be “up and running” by the beginning of June.

He added that self-employed people can now access Universal Credit in full and will be able to claim before the new scheme comes into play.

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