Danny Boyle captures the spirit of Armistice Day

Danny Boyle wants the beaches of Britain to be full of people on the 11th of November, to mark the centenary of Armistice Day.

Sky caught up with famous director on his new project of getting people to remember soldiers on local beaches by creating their image on the sand.

Known for the 2012 London Games opening ceremony Mr Boyle told Sky News: “”I don’t know whether it should be a final goodbye, that’s something for the country to decide really. It seems like 100 years, is that enough, can we keep doing that? I sort of changed my mind about that now, I sort of feel we should keep doing it.
“The more you research about these people, when you think about whose portrait it should be, the more they come alive to you despite the time and their passing.”
It is hoped he will once again capture the mood of the nation to celebrate Armistice Day in the final of the series of 14-18 Now which has shown commissions over the last five years of 300 or more.

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