Donald Trump criticises French President over “brain dead” comment and talks about NHS

US President Donald Trump says the NHS is not and will not form any part of a UK-US trade deal.

Asked if the NHS should be on the table in trade talks, Mr Trump said: “No, not at all, I have nothing to do with it. Never even thought about it, honestly.”

Mr Trump added: “I don’t even know where that rumour started. We have absolutely nothing to do with it and we wouldn’t want to if you handed it to us on a silver platter, we want nothing to do with it.”

So – there you have it.

US President Donald Trump also criticised French President Emmanuel Macron for calling Nato “brain dead” – read more on Trumps’ plans for taxes on French products:

A five-minute press briefing on Tuesday morning with the Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the US ambassador’s residence in London turned into an almost hour-long frenzied press conference. 

The President, along with other world leaders, will be hosted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace later Tuesday evening.

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