Increasing number of botched facial fillers sparks questions about beauty industry | ITV News

The cosmetic industry in the UK is largely unregulated, meaning anyone can legally provide injectable treatments.

But an ITV News investigation has found a huge number of these procedures are going wrong – and those carrying them out are often not able to correct mistakes.

The number of official complaints about non-surgical procedures has more than doubled to over 600 cases in the last three years, according to Save Face, a company running a government-recognised national register of accredited practitioners.

In a survey carried out for ITV News, it found lip filler errors made up almost 70% of all corrective work and 47% of procedures that led to complaints were carried out by beauticians.

Yet because there is no legal requirement to report mistakes if things go wrong the exact number of errors may be far higher.

The issue of regulation is the subject of debate by MPs on Tuesday following a Commons intervention by Tory MP Alberto Costa.

His constituent Rachael Knappier, from Leicestershire, suffered a catastrophic injury after a lip augmentation treatment went wrong and filler was injected into an artery.

The treatment she was having falls under the bracket of ‘dermal fillers’, a cosmetic treatment to add volume to the face which has become one of the UK’s most sought-after procedures.

UK law currently allows anyone – whether they’re a medical professional such as a doctor or a non-medic such as a beautician – to administer injectable cosmetic products.

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