Joe Kennedy III: LGBT rights, white working classes, Presidential run?

Democrats are fighting to take control of the House of Representatives in November – but to win the Presidential election in 2020, they need a Trump-beating candidate. In this extended interview with Joe Kennedy III he is asked if the next Democrat candidate could be a Kennedy?

There’s been a spike of interest in the US around the most modern of the Kennedys – a champion of diversity and transgender rights, and the current standard bearer for the biggest name in Democratic politics. Joe Kennedy’s family is one of the most well-known political dynasties in the world. His great uncle, President John F Kennedy – was assassinated in office, in 1963.

JFK’s youngest brother Teddy was in the US Senate for more than 40 years and Bobby Kennedy – both a senator and former attorney general – was assassinated as he campaigned for the Presidency in 1968.

Bobby was Joe Kennedy the third’s grandfather.

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