Scotland and Wales governments call UK air-bridge plans ‘shambolic’

“Utterly shambolic” – the leaders of Scotland and Wales have delivered a blistering verdict on the way the UK government has handled the rules for those travelling abroad. (Subscribe:

First there was a hastily imposed 14-day quarantine. Now less than a month later, the government has published a list of 73 countries and territories which, from 10 July, are exempt.

The Welsh First Minister called it a clear case of announcing a decision first and making up the details later.

Pubs, bars and restaurants in England will be allowed to reopen tomorrow. There will still be restrictions to ensure people maintain social distancing, and the rules vary across the nations.

Today Northern Irish pubs and bars are opening, but you can only have a drink inside if you are eating a meal.

From Monday, Scottish venues with outside space will be allowed to open and indoor venues will reopen on 15 July. Nearly 70,000 people work in the hospitality industry in Wales – where pubs and restaurants with outdoor space can open from 13 July, as long as the number of cases of Covid 19 is continuing to fall.

Tonight there was a stark warning from the Chief Medical Officer – if people and businesses don’t stick to social distancing rules, there’s a real risk of a second wave.


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