‘State tries to get me killed because I oppose Islam’ Tommy Robinson

Pegida UK leader and anti-Islam campaigner Tommy Robinson walked out of the Peterborough magistrates court today after the Court Prosecution announced that they were unable to bring sufficient evidence against him regarding an attack on another prisoner last year. According to the judge, the prosecution was ‘strange’ and ‘unusually disorganised’.
Robinson has been previously convicted of assault, mortgage fraud and drug offences.
The ex-EDL leader says “I have been stitched up left right and centre, I have been prosecuted for things I haven’t done, I have been imprisoned, they have put my life in danger, this was another attempt again by the state to put my life in danger and put me back in prison to have me killed.”
According to Robinson: “They are scared of the unity I bring to people and the opposition I bring to Islam and currently they wish to do anything they can, anything they can to pave the way for Islam to spread across our country”.
Reportedly Robinson warned the authorities “I am going to be murdered here, they then put me 2 doors up from a Muslim serving 28 years for murder and then I have to react to protect myself and when I do so they try to prosecute me for doing so because they are not happy because I didn’t get killed, they are not happy that I didn’t get my face taken off with boiling hot water, they are not happy so then they are trying to put me back in”.

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