‘The death of Hong Kong’ shows emboldened President Xi will not tolerate trouble | ITV News

It has been labelled ‘the death of Hong Kong’, a law to be introduced by the Chinese Government which will give China greater powers to prevent and punish any form of dissent in the autonomous region.

The National Security legislation was announced on the opening day of the delayed annual gathering of the Communist Party in China. It is expected to be rubber stamped next week without any debate or due process in Hong Kong.

It is the most audacious move yet by Beijing, and viewed as a further erosion of Hong Kong autonomy. The handover agreement signed in 1997 was meant to guarantee one country, two systems until 2047. The agreement allows Hong Kong to enjoy freedoms, not permitted on the mainland.

Demonstrations, triggered by an extradition bill, have gripped Hong Kong for the past year, becoming increasingly lawless and violent. Protesters feared the day China would bring in its troops as they resort to force, and now that has come in the form of this legislation.

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