The Hong Kong university fortified by protesting students

To see the Hong Kong justice secretary ambushed by pro-democracy protesters in London, head here:

Students in Hong Kong are fortifying universities as clashes with authorities turn more violent.

At Hong Kong Polytechnic University, they are guarding a key access tunnel and overpass to campus and have set up a molotov cocktail-making station, an impromptu first aid centre and cooking facilities.

Protesters have barricaded the entrances and blocked off nearby roads, where bricks and weapons have been laid in anticipation.

Tensions escalated after the death of a student who fell from a car park during a police operation. A second man died this week after being hit with a brick during clashes.

The unnamed 70-year-old man was using a lunch break from his cleaning job to clear bricks from the streets that had been thrown in protests when he was caught up in a fresh outbreak of violence.

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