The people fighting back against the destruction of the rain forest – and the drug gangs | ITV News

ITV News has travelled to the frontlines of the global battle with deforestation – to the very points where the Earth stands on the edge of environmental catastrophe.

Starting a new series, Earth on the Edge, our correspondents report from Europe, South America and Africa, bearing witness to the troubles which are happening right now and impact us all.

As part of our series ITV News travelled to Columbia to see first hand the destruction of the Chiribiquete National Park – the jewel in the crown of Colombia’s Amazon rain forest.

The people doing the logging have close ties to organised crime and remnants of the guerrilla group FARC, which refused to sign the peace agreement.

In this special report, we as meet the local people brave enough to take on the ranchers, for the sake of their children and grandchildren and the health of the planet.

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