Channel 4 faces yet another accusation of political bias

Channel 4’s political bias has become too brazen to ignore, says Matt Kilcoyne – read his piece here:

Boris Johnson has threatened a major shake-up of Channel 4 after the Conservatives accused the broadcaster of “conspiring with Jeremy Corbyn” to shut them out of a televised debate.

The Tories made a formal complaint to Ofcom on Thursday night alleging Channel 4 breached the Broadcasting Code by refusing to allow Michael Gove to take part in the debate on climate change.
Mr Gove was turned away after Channel 4 News said the programme was for party leaders only.

Instead, the Prime Minister was represented by a melting ice sculpture of a globe in what the Conservatives deemed “a provocative partisan stunt”.

It follows accusations of Left-wing bias against the broadcaster, whose head of news, Dorothy Byrne, called Mr Johnson a “known liar” and compared him to Vladimir Putin earlier this year.

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