The nurse who saved three premature babies during the Beirut blast | ITV News

In the pitch black and surrounded by crumbling rubble everywhere a nurse courageously managed to rescue three premature babies, amid the devastation in Beirut.

It comes as at least 154 people are now known to have died in the huge blast at the city’s port – with many hundreds feared missing.

Pamala Zaynoun, who was knocked out by the blast while working in the maternity unit of one of city’s hospitals, described to ITV News of the moment she came round and realised only she could save her tiny patients.

She told ITV News Correspondent Emma Murphy: “The thing that I felt was that these babies belong to me, they are under my protection now, no-one else’s protection.”

Ms Zaynoun added: “If they are going to make it, they are going to make it with me.”

Her story comes as rescue teams continue to search the rubble of Beirut’s port for survivors and the dead nearly three days after a massive explosion ripped through Lebanon’s capital.

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