UK gender identity service given leave to appeal High Court puberty blockers ban

The only children’s NHS gender clinic in England and Wales has been given leave to appeal a High Court ruling. After Keira Bell brought a case against London’s Tavistock gender identity development service, judges declared in December that children under 16 were unlikely to be able to consent to hormone treatments to stop the onset of puberty. (Subscribe:

Consultant psychiatrist Dr David Bell, who served as a staff governor at the Tavistock Trust, wrote an internal report back in 2018, raising the concerns brought to him by colleagues about the way the Gender Identity Development Service was treating patients.

He faced disciplinary action.

But after 24 years working with the Tavistock, Dr Bell, a former President of the British Psychoanalytic Society, has recently retired, and in his first television interview since then, he began by outlining his worries about the service.


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