Why the General Election in Scotland is about leaving or remaining in the UK | ITV News

Scotland is going to be fascinating in this election.

There are so many marginal seats, around half have a majority of less than 2,000. A quarter have a majority of less than 1,000.

In one seat – North East Fife – the difference comes down to just two votes.

Scottish voters are also being asked to chew over two meaty constitutional issues: Brexit, which doesn’t really cut through Scotland the way it does in England, given all constituencies voted Remain; and the real political divide of whether to stay in or leave the UK.

The two are linked.

Scotland voted just five years ago to stay in the UK, but did not vote to leave the EU. The circumstances have changed and people are thinking hard about whether being in the EU as an independent nation is now a better option than keeping Scotland in the UK.

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